Promoting Health and Security Awareness for Women

Rule 1

We see the headlines with some regularity of female travelers being assaulted or worse. Many parts of the world are more accessible than ever, and travelers want to get out there not only to do business in new and emerging markets, but to explore as well. Register here Read full blog post »


Heading to the Olympics? Take Safety and Duty of Care Into Consideration


Late this month, the UK kicks off the largest peacetime security operation in the country’s history to ensure an incident-free Summer Olympics, which runs from July 27 through Aug. 12. It’s followed later this summer by the Paralympics, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 9.
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When Duty of Care Collides with Business Judgment: Part 1

High-Tech Leaders Talk D.O.C.

On a recent trip to Australia, I had the opportunity to talk with several clients at a rather high, policy-making level about their security policies. As I was discussing Duty of Care with a chief security officer of a large financial institution, a topic was raised that I admit I had not given much thought to: “What to do when evacuation of employees from a location means that the company may not be welcomed back to do business in the future?” Read full blog post »


Will The Arab Spring Turn Into The Arab Winter?


When Egypt erupted in the spring, I was on-the-ground assisting clients. All this week, I fielded many calls for advice and assistance as the situation is beginning to escalate once again with Egyptian elections coming up on Monday. Preparation is key for organizations today that have expats, business travelers and others in the region. To help ensure you’re prepared, we’re hosting complimentary webinars Monday, Nov. 28 and Tuesday, Nov. 29. Read full blog post »