Duty of Care and the Safety Network


I was recently asked to connect on LinkedIn with someone who had almost 20 million connections. I responded in my usual fashion, “Thank you for the invitation to connect. Please advise how I may help you in your business; I believe it is important to engage my network and appreciate the courtesy of a reply.” Read full blog post »


Lessons Learned: Middle East Business Travel After the Arab Spring


Following the Arab Spring, the international business community went from a purely reactive methodology to major incidents to one that is much more preventative. They are also making decisions that are based on and supported by quality information, analysis and expert advice. Read full blog post »


Safe and Savvy Summer Traveler: Promoting Security Awareness for Women


We’ve all seen and cringed at the headlines over the past six months where female travelers have been assaulted. It happened to an American riding a minibus together with her boyfriend in Rio de Janeiro. And it’s been happening in Egypt during the most recent uprisings. Read full blog post »


When the Dust has Settled – Part 1


Many organizations struggle when it comes to ensuring compliance and identifying gaps in Duty of Care. It’s tough to make all the pieces fit together – but identifying gaps, using checks and balances, and using data, benchmarking, and audits can all aid the process of ensuring all Duty of Care areas are met. Read full blog post »


Duty of Care on the Radar at SHRM

Journalist and author Fareed Zakaria opened up the 2013 Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conference held earlier this week in Chicago with a case for optimism. While much of the world is still recovering from an economic slump, there are still more than 90 countries whose economies are growing. In fact, most of those countries are in developing or less-than-developed nations, predominantly in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. And it is in and to these remote locations where many international expats and travelers are finding themselves.
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Confederations Cup Kicks Off in Brazil: Key Considerations for Travelers


As international travelers begin streaming into Brazil for the start of next week’s 2013 Confederations Cup, it’s a good idea to take a look at the health and safety aspects of what should prove to be an exciting, worthwhile event, that is, for those who prepare in advance. Read full blog post »


How to Keep Travelers Safe: The “W’s”

world flags100

Today, the world appears smaller than ever before. Far-flung locations are more easily accessible than even a generation ago and organizations are now headed to those areas for business. However, many travelers and expatriates flying into emerging markets have little experience in the region where their organizations are expanding. Read full blog post »