Ebola Outbreak Spreads Across Three Countries: What Do Travelers Need to Know?

As the global workforce continues to expand with travelers, expatriates and businesses pushing further into remote regions, so too does the risk of exposure to previously unheard of infectious diseases. It’s against that backdrop that it’s all the more important for organizations to have plans in place to deal with any medical and security risks. Read full blog post »


Tips for a Busy Holiday Season

International holiday travel this year is expected to be busier and more challenging than in 2012. There’s a lot happening out there, with events in Ukraine and Bangladesh, smog in China, MERS CoV in the middleeast and even several early snowfalls in the Northeastern United States. To help you minimize the risks that come with travel disruptions, we’ve come up with some common-sense guidelines you can use to have an enjoyable experience—and avoid headaches. As always, advance preparation can make the difference between a satisfying trip and one filled with inconveniences or worse. I’d encourage you to also share these tips with your employees who are traveling for business and leisure.
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Questions and Answers: Medical Concerns in India


India is a culturally rich and diverse yet complex country, and this complexity extends into the healthcare environment. Once largely linked to infectious disease, India’s medical risks are now much more related to non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Traffic accidents have also become one of the leading causes of death and disability, posing an economic burden on families and society. Read full blog post »


Travel to Mexico: Real vs. Perceived Threats

Mexico beach

Participants in the International SOS Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Global Benchmarking Study ranked Mexico as the most dangerous place to do business, above countries like Iraq, Nigeria and even Afghanistan. That begs the question about risk perception vs. reality about a country that, for the most part and in the majority of its territory, offers a benign business traveler environment. Read full blog post »