In the Headlines: Cyclosporiasis and Chikungunya


This summer, there have been two illnesses in the news that aren’t often thought of in the United States – Cyclosporiasis and Chikungunya. These are both are considered tropical diseases, one spread by a parasite and another by the lowly mosquito. Read full blog post »


Looking Ahead at Travel in 2015: Be Prepared


The biggest annoyance when traveling internationally these days isn’t taking off your shoes in the security line or facing language barriers with an angry taxi driver. It’s experiencing a travel delay that keeps you away from home longer than you anticipated or forgetting to write down the address and phone number of the hotel where you’re staying so you can tell that angry cab driver where to go. Basically, it’s forgetting to prepare for the unexpected. Register today Read full blog post »


Planning for Ebola: Learn from SARS

As the Ebola virus continues to spread in West Africa, as well as crop up in the United States and Spain, organizations are taking a look at their emergency and pandemic plans. It’s not enough to just have a plan on the shelf. It needs to be constantly updated as well as practiced. Read full blog post »


A Focus on Southeast Asia: Common Tripwires to Avoid


Typhoons. A coup and social unrest in Thailand. New and emerging threats in Myanmar. Travel security issues in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines continue due to crime, social unrest, and terrorism. These are just a handful of the issues facing not only international travelers, but the organizations that are sending representatives to these areas. Read full blog post »


Tips for a Busy Holiday Season

International holiday travel this year is expected to be busier and more challenging than in 2012. There’s a lot happening out there, with events in Ukraine and Bangladesh, smog in China, MERS CoV in the middleeast and even several early snowfalls in the Northeastern United States. To help you minimize the risks that come with travel disruptions, we’ve come up with some common-sense guidelines you can use to have an enjoyable experience—and avoid headaches. As always, advance preparation can make the difference between a satisfying trip and one filled with inconveniences or worse. I’d encourage you to also share these tips with your employees who are traveling for business and leisure.
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Top Travel Tips to Stay Safe and Secure While Abroad


When embassies closed last week after U.S. government warnings of a potential terrorist attack, conversations among tourists, business travelers, and expatriates took a serious turn. With the threat level elevated, tourists and business travel managers wanted to know: Exactly how safe is it out there these days? Read full blog post »


When Trouble Strikes in the Middle of the Night, “Who you ‘Gonna’ Call?”


Do you advise employees what to do in case of changing risk/threat or when an incident happens? Do you have the capability to respond to a medical or a security emergency for your travelers, expatriates, and others? How do you keep everyone on same page – avoid internal conflict and drama – so a medical or security incident can be effectively managed? Read full blog post »


The Importance of Having a Plan: How a Small Issue Can Turn into a Life-Threatening Situation


A hike along the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu in Peru was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. But it quickly turned into a medical emergency that required my evacuation to the United States, and eventually back home to Australia. Good thing I had a plan in place, just in case something happened. Read full blog post »


Malaysia Gains Awareness on Benefits of Duty of Care


Over the last decade, the Malaysian economy has grown manifold and has become more cosmopolitan than ever before. Multinational companies have set up operations here while Malaysian companies have taken their business abroad and are sending staff overseas for short and long term business travel. To support this aspiration, the Malaysian young and dynamic workforce is essential. They have become main players of the country’s growth and will be expecting more tangible benefits such as better health and protection while they are away for business assignment. Read full blog post »


Heading to the Olympics? Take Safety and Duty of Care Into Consideration


Late this month, the UK kicks off the largest peacetime security operation in the country’s history to ensure an incident-free Summer Olympics, which runs from July 27 through Aug. 12. It’s followed later this summer by the Paralympics, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 9.
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