Self Assessment: Take a Look in the Mirror

Helping Travelers in Hot Spots

In its most basic sense, Duty of Care is about your organization’s ethos and corporate social responsibility. It’s about taking care of your community within. Read full blog post »


Duty of Disclosure and Building Partnerships

High-Tech Leaders Talk D.O.C.

Partnerships are some of the most important bonds you can make when it comes to creating and maintaining policies and procedures. These can be internal as well as external, and take advantage of various knowledge bases that can help you make smart and informed decisions when it comes to protecting your travelers and expatriates. Read full blog post »


Few or Plenty? Policies and Procedures to Stay out of Trouble – Can Policy Give You a “Get Out of Jail Card?”

From an employee being arrested and thrown in jail to calming down an irate executive during a crisis, a panel of experts on November 29 during a webinar will share some real world circumstances that may fall into your lap one day, especially if you have a hand in managing the health or security risks of your travelers, expats or other globally-mobile employees. Register Now Read full blog post »