Duty of Care on the Radar at SHRM

Journalist and author Fareed Zakaria opened up the 2013 Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conference held earlier this week in Chicago with a case for optimism. While much of the world is still recovering from an economic slump, there are still more than 90 countries whose economies are growing. In fact, most of those countries are in developing or less-than-developed nations, predominantly in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. And it is in and to these remote locations where many international expats and travelers are finding themselves.
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How to Keep Travelers Safe: The “W’s”

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Today, the world appears smaller than ever before. Far-flung locations are more easily accessible than even a generation ago and organizations are now headed to those areas for business. However, many travelers and expatriates flying into emerging markets have little experience in the region where their organizations are expanding. Read full blog post »


Medically Screening your Expats: A Common Tripwire


It’s inevitable that today’s global mobility professional will face some type of medical or security crisis or potentially an evacuation. Are they prepared to manage this? What can be done today so they are ready? A recent webinar explored solutions and best practices by reviewing the eight most common tripwires to avoid. Read full blog post »


Korean Peninsula: Are Organizations Ready if Trouble Strikes?

Tensions have been heightened on the Korean peninsula over the past several months, with North Korea threatening to attack the US and South Korea. This hostile rhetoric ramped up in February, when the international community tightened sanctions against North Korea after it conducted nuclear and long-range missile tests. The tensions reached a peak during joint South Korea-US military exercises on the peninsula in March-April. Read full blog post »


Malaysia Gains Awareness on Benefits of Duty of Care


Over the last decade, the Malaysian economy has grown manifold and has become more cosmopolitan than ever before. Multinational companies have set up operations here while Malaysian companies have taken their business abroad and are sending staff overseas for short and long term business travel. To support this aspiration, the Malaysian young and dynamic workforce is essential. They have become main players of the country’s growth and will be expecting more tangible benefits such as better health and protection while they are away for business assignment. Read full blog post »


When Duty of Care Collides with Business Judgment: Part 1

High-Tech Leaders Talk D.O.C.

On a recent trip to Australia, I had the opportunity to talk with several clients at a rather high, policy-making level about their security policies. As I was discussing Duty of Care with a chief security officer of a large financial institution, a topic was raised that I admit I had not given much thought to: “What to do when evacuation of employees from a location means that the company may not be welcomed back to do business in the future?” Read full blog post »


Good Preparation and Communications Mean Successful Expat Assignments


An expatriate assignment in a far away land should be an exciting adventure with new opportunities and learning experiences for all. And part of that success is solid preparation and communication with family members. You don’t simply leave for the assignment without getting input from family members, especially children; and ensuring that they are part of the whole planning process. Read full blog post »


Not Just Surviving the Expat Experience But Thriving


The epitome of receiving a sign that one’s professional accomplishments have been recognized by the upper echelons of one’s company is to be considered for an expatriate position. An appointment to an overseas post signifies competence on behalf of the professional, confidence on the part of the organization, and a promising future for the individual back at headquarters once the international assignment has been successfully completed. After all, it is often thought, if a candidate can make it there – overseas – they can make it anywhere. Or, so the thinking goes. Read full blog post »


Will The Arab Spring Turn Into The Arab Winter?


When Egypt erupted in the spring, I was on-the-ground assisting clients. All this week, I fielded many calls for advice and assistance as the situation is beginning to escalate once again with Egyptian elections coming up on Monday. Preparation is key for organizations today that have expats, business travelers and others in the region. To help ensure you’re prepared, we’re hosting complimentary webinars Monday, Nov. 28 and Tuesday, Nov. 29. Read full blog post »