Briefing: Tools and Knowledge on Medical and Security Evacuations

Recent research shows that when it comes to letting travelers know about the policies, procedures and resources that are in place to protect their safety and well-being, most (44-percent) who are in charge of these programs said they only communicate this information once a year. Read full blog post »


Avoiding Tripwires in Evacuations


It’s somewhat inevitable that today’s corporate travel managers will eventually face some type of medical or security crisis or evacuation with one of their international business travelers. Does your company have a robust plan in place to manage an evacuation or other crisis? And what can be done to prevent those events from happening in the first place? Register today Read full blog post »


South Sudan – When Can Organizations Return?


For those who recently left the country, this is now the number one question.

Scanning the rolling news channels may not provide an immediate answer, as television reports paint a rather confused picture of tribal fighting that seems to ebb and flow (hardly surprising since ‘confused’ accurately describes the situation in South Sudan right now). Read full blog post »


Duty of Care and Evacuation Planning


The possibility of an evacuation of personnel and their families from a manmade or natural disaster keeps many security directors up at night. Evacuations are true team efforts where all moving parts must be practiced and happen in just the right order to be successful.
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The Importance of Having a Plan: How a Small Issue Can Turn into a Life-Threatening Situation


A hike along the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu in Peru was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. But it quickly turned into a medical emergency that required my evacuation to the United States, and eventually back home to Australia. Good thing I had a plan in place, just in case something happened. Read full blog post »


When Duty of Care Collides with Business Judgment: Part 2


Last week, Bill Henderson introduced us to pitfalls that can crop up for an organization making the decision to stay or evacuate. Here, I’ll take a look at some best practices that include pre-planning, risk tolerance and crisis management that help companies as they struggle with balancing the business needs of the organization with employee safety.
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When Duty of Care Collides with Business Judgment: Part 1

High-Tech Leaders Talk D.O.C.

On a recent trip to Australia, I had the opportunity to talk with several clients at a rather high, policy-making level about their security policies. As I was discussing Duty of Care with a chief security officer of a large financial institution, a topic was raised that I admit I had not given much thought to: “What to do when evacuation of employees from a location means that the company may not be welcomed back to do business in the future?” Read full blog post »