Planning for Events: Prepare, Educate and Practice


Fall is a busy time when it comes to conferences and meetings. Vacation has wound down and business is back in full swing. It’s important for conference and meeting planners to know that they also have a Duty of Care to protect attendees. Read full blog post »


Top Travel Tips to Stay Safe and Secure While Abroad


When embassies closed last week after U.S. government warnings of a potential terrorist attack, conversations among tourists, business travelers, and expatriates took a serious turn. With the threat level elevated, tourists and business travel managers wanted to know: Exactly how safe is it out there these days? Read full blog post »


The Dark Side of Studying Abroad – Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty

wait for flight

As assistance providers, we hear all too often about students getting into trouble when studying abroad. And it’s not just students away from home for the first time who drink too much or make uniformed decisions that can lead to a momentary lapse of judgment – although that can be a reason to bring a student home. This is about the sudden and stressful shift to new environments and routines that can cause underlying mental health issues to bubble to the surface. That can sometimes tragically lead to suicide at worst and a repatriation home at best. Read full blog post »


Duty of Care: Global Benchmarking Study


The definition of workplace is constantly evolving as globalization continues. So too has the understanding of duty of care. To find out just how much, International SOS undertook a comprehensive benchmarking study – the first of its kind – to measure best practices that organizations have in place, as well as duty of care habits. Read full blog post »