After the Hajj, Health Officials on the Lookout


As an estimated 3 million Muslims return from Mecca and Medina from the hajj, health officials around the world are on the lookout for any signs of The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The illness has caused more than 100 cases and 45 deaths since it surfaced in 2012. Read full blog post »


Ten Years Later: Is the Coronavirus the Next SARS?


News that a traveler who had spent time in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan turned up in a UK hospital gravely ill with the novel coronavirus was a stark reminder of the speed with which an infectious diseases can move across the globe at the speed of transoceanic air travel. Subsequent news that a family member, who presumably not been traveling, has been hospitalized with similar symptoms suggests they possibility of the disease spreading through human to human contact, raising concerns that this might be the next big health worry for managers responsible for international business operations. Read full blog post »