Travel Projected to Increase in 2014, Areas of Concern Identified

According to attendees of a recent webinar – which included travel and security directors and other decision-makers – travel this year is expected to increase. That’s really no surprise, as companies continue to explore the emerging markets in Asia and South America and Africa. Read full blog post »


Lessons Learned: Middle East Business Travel After the Arab Spring


Following the Arab Spring, the international business community went from a purely reactive methodology to major incidents to one that is much more preventative. They are also making decisions that are based on and supported by quality information, analysis and expert advice. Read full blog post »


Golden Rules to Travel By: Advice for Women, Part 2

Rule 2 b

Last week, Megan Carr, Director of Nursing, Operations at International SOS took you through some health issues that women need to be mindful of when traveling. This week, I’ll share with you 5 Golden Rules that we covered in a recent webinar: “Safe and Savvy Summer Traveler: Promoting Security Awareness for Women.” Read full blog post »


Study Finds Risk Management Priorities Differ by Industry: Why a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Duty of Care Doesn’t Work

world flags100

No two companies or organizations are exactly alike – each faces unique challenges, especially when it comes to supporting employees who work abroad. These differences necessitate a customized approach to risk management. Read full blog post »


Questions and Answers: A Follow Up To the Webinar Dec. 6

A few weeks ago, ACTE and International SOS hosted a webinar “The Corporate Travel Director’s View on Duty of Care: Are you at Risk, Compliant or CSR Focused?” It was a chance to take a look at how the travel director fits into Duty of Care, as well as best practices to make sure travel has a seat at the decision-making table. Read full blog post »