Meetings and Events: Plan with Duty of Care in Mind


As we look forward to warmer weather, meeting and events planners are looking forward to the busy spring and summer season packed with conferences, retreats and gatherings. These come in all shapes and sizes and locations around the world. Read full blog post »


After the Hajj, Health Officials on the Lookout


As an estimated 3 million Muslims return from Mecca and Medina from the hajj, health officials around the world are on the lookout for any signs of The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The illness has caused more than 100 cases and 45 deaths since it surfaced in 2012. Read full blog post »


A Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa: Common Tripwires to Avoid

The Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa from the International Monetary Fund paints a fairly rosy projection for Sub-Saharan Africa. It predicts a moderate, broad-based acceleration in growth to around 5½ percent in 2013-14. It also notes that investment in export-oriented sectors remains an important economic driver and that an agricultural rebound in drought-affected areas will help growth. Read full blog post »


When the Dust has Settled – Part 1


Many organizations struggle when it comes to ensuring compliance and identifying gaps in Duty of Care. It’s tough to make all the pieces fit together – but identifying gaps, using checks and balances, and using data, benchmarking, and audits can all aid the process of ensuring all Duty of Care areas are met. Read full blog post »


When Duty of Care Collides with Business Judgment: Part 2


Last week, Bill Henderson introduced us to pitfalls that can crop up for an organization making the decision to stay or evacuate. Here, I’ll take a look at some best practices that include pre-planning, risk tolerance and crisis management that help companies as they struggle with balancing the business needs of the organization with employee safety.
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