Avoiding Tripwires in Evacuations


It’s somewhat inevitable that today’s corporate travel managers will eventually face some type of medical or security crisis or evacuation with one of their international business travelers. Does your company have a robust plan in place to manage an evacuation or other crisis? And what can be done to prevent those events from happening in the first place? Register today Read full blog post »


Bangladesh: Watching the Situation Unfold


Through a campaign of near-continuous and disruptive hartals (shutdown strikes) and violent street demonstrations, the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has sought to create an atmosphere in which it will be difficult to hold the January 2014 elections. The BNP believes that the elections will not be fair and free if the ruling party does not step down to allow for a neutral interim government to oversee the elections. Given this atmosphere, personnel should defer non-essential travel to Bangladesh.
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Duty of Care and the Safety Network


I was recently asked to connect on LinkedIn with someone who had almost 20 million connections. I responded in my usual fashion, “Thank you for the invitation to connect. Please advise how I may help you in your business; I believe it is important to engage my network and appreciate the courtesy of a reply.” Read full blog post »


Safe and Savvy Summer Traveler: Promoting Security Awareness for Women


We’ve all seen and cringed at the headlines over the past six months where female travelers have been assaulted. It happened to an American riding a minibus together with her boyfriend in Rio de Janeiro. And it’s been happening in Egypt during the most recent uprisings. Read full blog post »


Ensuring Traveler Safety, No Matter the Destination

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As we recently discussed, it is our core responsibility as managers and leaders in the security field to ensure the safety of the people to whom we are accountable, be they international travelers, expatriates, or their dependents. No matter what unexpected challenges are presented – from political unrest, to natural disasters, to concerns of international cyber security risks threatening our global infrastructure – we maintain our goal to fulfill this Duty of Care responsibility in an overarching effort to make the world less dangerous, no matter the destination. Read full blog post »


The Importance of Having a Plan: How a Small Issue Can Turn into a Life-Threatening Situation


A hike along the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu in Peru was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. But it quickly turned into a medical emergency that required my evacuation to the United States, and eventually back home to Australia. Good thing I had a plan in place, just in case something happened. Read full blog post »


Medical Tips for a Safe Spring Break


When Quigley family members travel, we go through a checklist that focuses on preparation and information. We make sure that all family members have full knowledge of the trip timeline and schedule regular check-in calls to be sure all is OK. As a physician, I also research healthcare facilities in the destination location, as well as security concerns. Read full blog post »