About Dr. Vineet Datta

Medical Director, India, International SOS

Dr. Vineet Datta is responsible for institutionalizing and executing appropriate medical co-operation and operation of International SOS India. He oversees and leads all medical assistance and consulting activities in the country to ensure delivery of professional, quality medical services to the highest standards of excellence.

Dr. Datta is a post-graduate in Internal Medicine from JN Medical College, Aligarh University, India, and is a trained Emergency Physician, and has spent over 05 years in the United Kingdom in various positions in the Emergency Medicine arena.

He was awarded the Diploma for Membership to the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom (MRCP-UK) in 2006, and is also the Member of the College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM), London. Dr Datta is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, as well as Member of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He is a certified Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor from the American Heart Association, and possesses the prestigious Advanced Prehospital Emergency Care Certification from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.

Dr Datta has provided humanitarian services to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Impact India Foundation (International Initiative Against Avoidable Disablement), and has served a member of Steering Committee on National Guidelines on Minimal Standards of Food, Drinking Water, Medical Cover and Sanitation for Disaster Relief (National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. Of India), in additional to his professional responsibilities.

He is based in New Delhi, and prior to joining International SOS, Dr. Datta worked for Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon as Lead Consultant Emergency Medicine, and has a rich experience of over 13 years in the medical field, especially with the insight into capability of the Indian healthcare system. His area of expertise is pre-hospital emergency care along with aviation medicine, and has actively contributed in the development of emergency services in the country. Dr Datta oversees the delivery of wide array of consulting activities including site health reviews, pandemic as well as health promotion planning and implementation.

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