About Tim Daniel

Group Executive Vice President, International SOS

Effective February 2007, Timothy Daniel became the Group Executive Vice President for International SOS where he focuses on global projects including joint ventures and other critical business partnerships. He remains a member of the company’s Executive Committee and Senior Executive participant on the International SOS Global Pandemic Preparedness Taskforce.

Mr. Daniel’s career spans 25 years in technical, sales, marketing and general management roles. After spending five years working in the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters of a Singapore-based multi-national computer firm, he joined International SOS in 1998 as the Corporate General Manager, Sales & Marketing. He consolidated the worldwide product portfolios of the AEA and International SOS subsidiaries, supervised the development of the Group’s corporate identity program and managed the deployment of the company’s first global Customer Relations Management (CRM) system.

In 2000, Mr. Daniel was appointed Chief Operating Officer of International SOS Online, Inc., developing industry-leading products that combine online technology with traditional on-call assistance services. In 2003 his responsibilities expanded to include the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position where he led the early stage development of the company’s integrated operational software platform known as Magellan. In August 2005, he was called on to serve as interim Executive Vice President, Marketing for the Americas.

Mr. Daniel conducted post-graduate studies at Miami University School of Business in Oxford, OH and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN. He was a participant in the Leadership Philadelphia Core Program in 2007-2008 and serves on the board of Youth Build, a Philadelphia charter high school aimed at providing opportunities for out-of-school youth.

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