About Shelby LeMaire

Travel Manager, iRobot

Shelby LeMaire has been in the travel industry over 20 years. At Polaroid, she created a "Global" travel program with annual expenditures in excess of $35 million, which contained many of the foundational elements for a future Travel Risk Management (TRM) Program. Some of these elements, such as her concept and development of an internal electronic Pre-Trip approval system, were revolutionary before 9/11. After leaving Polaroid, Ms. LeMaire was recruited by iRobot to develop and manage its corporate travel program that was actively guided to function as a precursor to a TRM program. As a result of this proactive strategy, the TRM program in place at iRobot represents an industry best and will hopefully serve as a model for other companies.

Putting the Pieces Together: Duty of Care


The Corporate Travel Manager should be aware of and understand the risks of traveling overseas and that proper duty of care involves the management of these risks. The global awareness that our job demands makes travel risk impossible to ignore. We are one of the first lines of defense when it comes to educating our globally-mobile employees. Read full blog post »