About Philippe Guibert, M.D.

Regional Medical Director, Consulting Services, SSEA, International SOS

Dr. Philippe Guibert works with corporations and organizations to design and implement robust healthcare plans across their regional and global operations. This ensures corporations and organizations have standard protocols and processes established for compliance with their Duty of Care obligations.

Before his relocation to Singapore, Dr. Guibert was based in Paris as the Medical Director for Health Care Management programs, having both medical and legal oversight on the programs. His responsibilities included the supervision and management of medical staff operating in remote sites; development of Public Health programs in Africa and Asia; set-up of medical activity and epidemiological analytical systems from operation sites; and writing of health plans, medical guidelines, protocols and operating standards.

Dr. Guibert also provides and manages health consultancy services. He has developed crisis preparedness and crisis management (SARS, Tsunami, Pandemic flu) plans for more than 100 international firms. He has also performed numerous field missions in Africa, Asia, South America, Commonwealth of Independent States, conducted medical audits, site surveys and Health Impact Assessments in these locations.

Prior to being a Medical Director for International SOS, Philippe completed his Public Health Specialization Internship in various Epidemiology and Public Health Departments in French West Indies, France, French Guyana, Nigeria and Congo.

As a Public Health specialist, Philippe’s qualifications include Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Social Medicine and Statistics Applied to Medicine.

Dr Guibert is a regular speaker and presenter in industry events, seminars and conferences.

Meeting Your Duty of Care: The View from Singapore

duty of care

In Singapore, the government recognizes the importance of a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

This is reflected in the vision spelled out by Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for Singapore to be a role model in health and safety at work by 2018. This includes, among others, a goal of bringing down the national fatality rate to less than 1.8 per 100,000 workers by 2018. Read full blog post »


Malaysia Gains Awareness on Benefits of Duty of Care


Over the last decade, the Malaysian economy has grown manifold and has become more cosmopolitan than ever before. Multinational companies have set up operations here while Malaysian companies have taken their business abroad and are sending staff overseas for short and long term business travel. To support this aspiration, the Malaysian young and dynamic workforce is essential. They have become main players of the country’s growth and will be expecting more tangible benefits such as better health and protection while they are away for business assignment. Read full blog post »