About Melissa Kopf

Program Manager, Global Security, Walgreen Co.

Melissa Kopf is the Program Manager for Global Security at Walgreens. She manages Walgreens’ travel safety and security program, which leverages Walgreens’ own 24/7 Security Operations Center to provide an enhanced duty of care to all international travelers. She conducts extensive training programs, briefs employees on travel risk mitigation strategies, oversees secure transport and executive protection operations, and leads travel incident response teams. Melissa holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University. Melissa’s prior work experience includes the U.S. Department of State and the Iowa Department of Public Safety Intelligence Bureau.

When the Dust has Settled – Part 1


Many organizations struggle when it comes to ensuring compliance and identifying gaps in Duty of Care. It’s tough to make all the pieces fit together – but identifying gaps, using checks and balances, and using data, benchmarking, and audits can all aid the process of ensuring all Duty of Care areas are met. Read full blog post »