About Michelle DeCosta

Global Travel Manager, Sapient

Michelle De Costa is the Global Travel Manager for Sapient, a premier professional services firm, and one of the largest interactive marketing and technology agencies in the world. Michelle works with Sapient business owners and key suppliers to develop and implement supplier-partner solutions that drive consistency and cost control throughout the global organization. Michelle has a key role in the development and implementation of Sapient’s corporate travel program and worldwide corporate housing program, which have delivered significant savings and improved key performance metrics in this highly mobile and quickly evolving organization. Michelle serves on select corporate advisory boards and was named 2011 Travel Manager of the Year by Business Travel News.

Duty of Care: A Travel Director’s View


In today’s world where natural and manmade disasters seem never ending, establishing a travel risk management plan is not only the norm – it’s the requirement. And many savvy travel executives have played a critical role in creating one. However, travel executives are finding numerous gray areas that need to be further defined when preventative strategies and critical situations arise that really fall into a company’s culture, ethos or Duty of Care. REGISTER HERE Read full blog post »