About Anna Gimborn

Regional Information Manager Europe and CIS, Travel Security Services, a joint venture between International SOS and Control Risks

Anna Gimborn joined International SOS and Control Risks in April 2011. She is responsible for investigating travel security risks as well as briefing clients on travel to Russia and other nations in Europe and CIS.

Prior to joining International SOS and Control Risks, she was a crisis management center analyst at Goldman Sachs/ ISS FS Security, working on crisis management and security risk analysis with focus on the former Soviet Union. She also trained at the European Parliament (Committee of Foreign Affairs and Committee of Energy and Industry) with a focus on Russia's energy policy and the European Union’s policy towards the South Caucasus, Balkans and Russia. Anna holds an MA with Honors in politics from the University of Edinburgh, an MA in International Peace and Security from at King's College in London, and studied Russian at Moscow State University.

A Focus on Russia: Common Tripwires to Avoid as the Winter Games Approach


With the 2014 Winter Games fast approaching, the international spotlight is on Sochi, prompting travelers to consider the main risks associated with travel to a Russian region bordering Georgia’s separatist region of Abkhazia – which is under the de facto control of Russia – and the troubled North Caucasus. Read full blog post »


Risks in Russia: Pitfalls and Lessons for Travelers and Those Who Manage Them


International SOS and Control Risks recently wrapped-up a four-part Webinar series on doing business in the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. More than 500 people attended these insightful programs, where experts on the ground in these countries discussed the medical and security risks of doing business.
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