Self Assessment: Take a Look in the Mirror

Helping Travelers in Hot Spots

In its most basic sense, Duty of Care is about your organization’s ethos and corporate social responsibility. It’s about taking care of your community within.

As we get into the swing of 2013, it’s a good time to take a self assessment when it comes to Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management plans. Don’t forget your expatriates and third country nationals. Take a look at your contractors and their plans. And give some thought to employees who travel abroad on vacation and extend business trips by adding personal travel.

Take some time to self assess your organization’s preparedness by answering these questions:

  • Are there clear and comprehensive policies governing business travel?
  • Do you have the ability to locate travelers within 10 minutes? Could you tell your CEO within 5 minutes after a plane crash if you possibly had anyone on board? Accurate picture of the threats and hazards in each destination?
  • Are your travelers informed of endemic threats before departure? Who is briefing them? Are you receiving automatic notification of travelers when threat changes?
  • Are travelers registering contact details and do you have the ability to communicate with them? Is there 24-hour support for travelers from response providers? Do you have immediate access to essential documentation?
  • Are travelers aware of the support available? Design a communication’s program for your travelers so they can recall the policies and resources available; it’s human nature to forget.
  • Are travelers trained in security, health and emergency response procedures?
  • Are there current Crisis Management and Business Continuity plans? Is the Crisis Management Team trained?
  • Are there evacuation plans for medium and high risk locations? Have these plans has been rehearsed in the past year? Is there a deployable incident management team prepared to respond?

By taking the time now to answer these questions, your organization will be better prepared for the year ahead. Remember the mantra that “practice makes (nearly) perfect.”

You can find more information on the year ahead from the Global Political and Travel Security Risks 2013: Looking Ahead webinar held recently with International SOS and Control Risks experts. Listen to the webinar, read the executive briefing and view the presentation.

Follow this link to sign up for Global Medical Risks 2013: Looking Ahead, a complimentary webinar from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, Feb. 13 that will investigate medical threats and risky locations to watch when it comes to protecting travelers and expatriates. We hope you can join us.


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