Ensuring Traveler Safety, No Matter the Destination

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As we recently discussed, it is our core responsibility as managers and leaders in the security field to ensure the safety of the people to whom we are accountable, be they international travelers, expatriates, or their dependents. No matter what unexpected challenges are presented – from political unrest, to natural disasters, to concerns of international cyber security risks threatening our global infrastructure – we maintain our goal to fulfill this Duty of Care responsibility in an overarching effort to make the world less dangerous, no matter the destination.

Before we can do this, we need to better understand the risk our employees face when outside their home country. How do we evaluate and rate these risks? How do we accurately communicate risk concerns across the organization, including the C-Suite, medical, travel, risk management, human resources and legal departments? And how about our employees at the center of this – how do we keep them informed, both before they travel and once abroad?

Managing global mobility is an integral step in fulfilling ones Duty of Care responsibility, and anyone who manages or is responsible for employees overseas should be asking these questions.

Some best practices to ensure “quick wins” for your organization as they prepare to send employees abroad include:

  • Utilize your company’s travel tracking capabilities to capture a global snapshot of your employees’ mobility;
  • Identify pre-assignment screening practices to enable talented employees to thrive in their assignments abroad;
  • Assess the local healthcare infrastructure – which may be very different from standards back home – of wherever your employees and expatriates are headed.

To learn more about managing global mobility, join International SOS for the webinar in the ongoing series, “Start to Finish: 8 Essential Steps for Duty of Care.” This webinar, “Step 4: Now Boarding! How to Ensure Your Travelers and Expatriates Succeed Anywhere,” is set for Thursday, Feb. 28.


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