Going Global: Pain Points for Today’s HR Professionals


Globalization is the new normal, and navigating in a global economy can be tricky. For the HR professional, globalization means having the right people in the right place at the right time. It also means doing the right things, including thinking ahead and thinking big, understanding perceptions and technology.

In that vein, global HR is more than managing travelers and expatriates. It’s managing and leveraging the differences and similarities in the diversity of national and business cultures; attracting, cultivating and retaining global human capital; driving global HR strategies that are tightly interwoven with business strategies; and ensuring strategies for movement and utilization of people and work are in place.

To be successful, your HR team must be fully engaged. They must have good relationships with the business development folks.  HR also has a mandate to set, and manage, expectations at all levels: Corporate, Business Development, Country Managers. Remember, once things are in motion, HR will be held accountable for all the people issues, and at times, helping to fulfill Duty of Care.

To stay ahead of the global game, HR pros can attend a free webinar, “Going Global: Key Trends and Strategies for Today’s HR Professionals” from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Oct. 18. Whether your company is just thinking about expanding internationally, or already has, this webinar will prove helpful.


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