Eight Essential Steps: Where do you Stand?

In the recent webinar – the first in a series “Start to Finish: 8 Essential Steps for Duty of Care” – an expert panel took a look at analyzing risks and threats to organizations’ global workforces.

The results of the exit poll for the webinar attendees were interesting, and we wanted to share them with you. It found that a majority of organizations who attended said that they are focused on corporate social responsibility – doing the right thing – when it comes to Duty of Care. It also looked at how organizations are monitoring various situations across the world, as well as sources of information used to gather intelligence.

Webinar attendees were representatives from Fortune 100 companies to universities to NGOs and included folks in security, human resources, physicians, travel, business continuity, risk managers and others.

Here are the questions and the results:

Where does your organization stand when it comes to assessing your security risks?

It’s great to see that so many organizations are practicing Duty of Care because it’s the right thing to do for employees. These employers take responsibility not only for their own employees’ safety and security, but also for the people comprising their external constituencies such as contractors, stakeholders and customers.

Based on the recent violence in Libya and other Northern Africa/ME countries, what has been the primary focus of your time and resources on behalf of your organization’s international travelers or expatriates?

It’s also good to know that employers are keeping tabs on unfolding situations around the world. By monitoring activity proactively, travelers and expatriates and their families can avoid being caught up in situations.

What sources of information do you use to analyze risk today?

A mix of analyzed information is a good thing and includes monitoring social media, assistance providers, expert online intelligence and advice, and government web sites like the State Department.

It was recently reported that a new SARS-like virus was discovered. How concerned is your organization?

The results of this question also show that organizations are monitoring the situation of the new SARS-like virus. Over half of respondents share a level of concern.

These results show that, increasingly, organizations are taking seriously their Duty of Care responsibilities.


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