Assessing the Threats: Key Questions to Ask


In a webinar last week, we took a look at how threats are analyzed, reported and categorized. Threats can come in many different forms, including man-made and natural. And it’s important to look at numerous factors when analyzing threats and make reasonable assessments based on credible information.

Here are some key yet basic questions to ask when assessing risk, which were covered in “Where are the Danger Zones?” part of a new thought leadership series “Start to Finish: 8 Essential Steps for Duty of Care.”

  1. Where does the information come from?
  2. Has the information been corroborated by multiple sources?
  3. How specific is the information?  Is it specific to the person or organization?
  4. Has it happened to the organization or person before?
  5. Has it happened to other organizations or persons in the same area before?
  6. Are there any statistics that might help the assessment (e.g. crime statistics)?
  7. Is this an emerging threat not seen before (no history)?
  8. Who would want to harm the organization or person? 
  9. Does the person or group have the capability to harm the organization or person?

It’s equally important to gather information from multiple sources, including OSAC, travel advisories, private services and peers and associations. All this data taken together can be used as a gauge to make very good and sound decisions when it comes to assessing threats.


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