Duty of Care a Focus at ASIS Next Week


Expatriate or Business Travel; Travel Preparations; Personal Logistical Information; Man-Made or Natural disaster; Corporate vs Client Managed Response Plans; Business Continuity; and Data Protection are only some of the corporate concerns and responsibilities present when preparing employees to travel. I’ll explore these issues further at ASIS in Philadelphia during the session, “Duty of Care: What’s the Security Director’s Role?” on Tuesday, September 11, 1:45 – 3 p.m.

For those of us, like myself, who work the security side of the Duty of Care issue, an event like ASIS, that attracts over 10,000 attendees, reminds us of the central role our travel management colleagues play in fulfilling the need to take care of our travelers and expatriates. While there are plenty of players in this effort,  the security director is often  the one who ensures the health and safety of our travelers. Duty of Care will be on the minds of many attendees, as this important topic continues to play an important role in travel security and risk management. I’m looking forward to exploring this topic further with my colleagues at ASIS and welcome any comments you may have on the topic.


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