BRIC Benchmarking: Research Uncovers the Top Threats & Coping Strategies

Enabling companies, NGOs and universities to prosper in BRIC countries is ‘mission critical.’ Many people charged with Duty of Care and travel risk management programs this year have been discussing the medical and security risks at conference venues hosted by ASIS, SHRM, GBTA, ACTE as well as InsideNGO.

This spring and summer, International SOS hosted individual webinars on the BRIC countries, bringing together medical and security experts who live and work there. In each, we asked attendees questions around perception of threats, from in-country travel and driving to crime and health risks, and more importantly how they were managing or preventing them so they could succeed (see benchmarking results below).

The results paint a picture of what’s on the minds of organizations when they prepare and send their travelers, expatriates, students, faculty and others to BRIC countries. I would encourage you to take a look at the executive briefings and listen to the recordings that came out of this important series. You can also read past posts on Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Country Webinar Recording Executive Briefing

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