Are Your Travelers and Expatriates In Danger Now In Egypt?


A little over a year ago, I was on the ground in Cairo helping our members evacuate from Egypt. Today, my colleagues are on the ground in Egypt and many of you are finding yourselves behind closed doors in the position of looking at the situation again there and strategizing next steps.

Organizations who seem ahead of the game for this situation as well as other crises have the following in place:

Tools to keep their employees safe, including pre-determined evacuation thresholds and triggers. Risk is risk and each company has its own thresholds. For example, some expats left after the turmoil last year and others opted to stay…and that was fine with their employers. It’s important to note and understand your organization’s appetite for risk.

Robust plans and policies so senior management and employees are clear on the company’s position. During a crisis, emotions run high and having a robust plan and policy will help keep everyone on track and derail bad decision making.

Accurate intelligence that separates fact from fiction. News agencies are out there reporting on events but organizations also need a source that takes this information, verifies it, analyzes the reports  and turns the information into advice to help you make decisions on how you should respond and determine next steps for your staff.

Of course, I can’t emphasize communication ahead of a situation so your employees, senior management team and others are well prepared and educated on their roles. Here’s an Executive Briefing from a webinar I participated on that emphasizes some of the best practices around security evacuation.


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