RIMS Wrap-up: Duty of Care and Risk Management

The 2012 Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS) conference just wrapped up in Philadelphia yesterday. Duty of Care was on the minds of many, including Joan Vincenz, managing director – workers’ compensation, at United Airlines. She agreed that Duty of Care has been constantly evolving and is top of mind for many organizations. “When employees are in our realm we are morally – and often legally- responsible to get them the care they need,” Joan said. “We provide them with the right resources to get the care they need.”

Our Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Global Benchmarking Study shows that risk managers should have a primary seat at the table when it comes to Duty of Care, working hand-in-hand with HR, security, travel, senior managers and others.

There were several recurring themes discussed at the conference, including a better understanding about what organizations should be doing to manage risk for their travelers and expats (for example – the evolution of the concept of Duty of Care) as well as the best ways to bring these concerns to upper management and gather support for the risk management and Duty of Care effort.

The conference was very well attended by people from all sectors of the risk management community: corporate, scholastic, government, assistance providers, consultants and more. I was impressed by the dedication and constructive approach of the people who attended the three-day event, and had a chance to chat with many of our clients as well as others involved in managing risk for their organizations. In the end, this conference served to further emphasize the need for cooperation among all stakeholders when it comes to Duty of Care and travel risk management.


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