Duty of Care and Travel to Dangerous Locations


For many organizations, working and traveling in high risk locations is mission essential, and a tough global economy means companies are pushed to go further to explore new ventures. When business demands that the company take on some level of travel-related risk, a Duty of Care plan is the best bet for mitigating harm to employees and the organization’s reputation.

I recently had the opportunity to write a post for expertflyer.com blog. You can read the full post there.

Educating and preparing employees to identify and avoid location-specific health and security threats is just one way your company can fulfill its Duty of Care. Other best practices include putting in place policies that limit employee exposure to risk, such as mandating the use of pre-approved ground transportation services, or requiring pre-assignment medical exams prior to departure to remote locales. A good Duty of Care plan brings together security, health, travel, legal and HR perspectives and is integrated throughout an organization’s structure and practices.


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