Duty of Care: Global Benchmarking Study


The definition of workplace is constantly evolving as globalization continues. So too has the understanding of duty of care. To find out just how much, International SOS undertook a comprehensive benchmarking study – the first of its kind – to measure best practices that organizations have in place, as well as duty of care habits.

The contents of the soon-to-be-released study are the topic of a Nov. 10 webinar. As the author of the study, I’m excited to share this information with globally-mobile organizations. Click here for more information or to register.

Duty of care can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. In 2009, I authored a white paper published by International SOS that continues to serve as a comprehensive guide to all of the components of a successful integrated risk management program. The paper empowered companies with details they need to know in order to protect their most important assets – their employees – as well as their bottom line.

The next step was the Global Benchmarking Survey, the topic of the upcoming webinar. It contains an analysis of travel data collected from more than 600 global companies gleaned over the past year. According to International SOS estimates, the companies’ travelers took more than 3.5 million international trips, and approximately a quarter of these went to high or extreme risk destinations. Clearly, as employees cross more borders, they – and the companies they represent – face more risk.

Some findings that will be discussed include:

  • The top 10 perceived high-risk locations in which global companies operate;
  • Key risks and threats as perceived by employers;
  • Details of which industry sectors are more advanced than others;
  • The typical decision-making responsibilities within companies;
  • What motivates employers to invest in protecting their staff.

We will also cover top challenges your peers say they have when meeting their duty of care obligations, gaps that organizations most typically have in their duty of care obligations and mitigating medical and travel employee risk.

We will discuss these findings and much more on Nov. 10. I hope you can join us for this important topic. Join the discussion here. Download a copy of the 2009 Duty of Care white paper.


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