In the Headlines: Cyclosporiasis and Chikungunya


This summer, there have been two illnesses in the news that aren’t often thought of in the United States – Cyclosporiasis and Chikungunya. These are both are considered tropical diseases, one spread by a parasite and another by the lowly mosquito. Read full blog post »


Getting Ahead of the Aftermath – Learning From the Past in South Sudan

Following the rapid descent into Civil War in South Sudan in December 2013, we were yet again reminded how the operating environments where we work can shift. Staff in the field and at headquarters had to work swiftly to dust off plans, relocate staff and gather information in the midst of chaos. Read full blog post »


After the Natural Disaster: Mitigating Medical and Security Risks


Natural disasters and climate-related catastrophes affect an estimated 231 million people worldwide, according to . And we’ve seen all too many in recent years – the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, earthquake and nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011, cyclone in the Philippines in 2013 and the recent earthquake in Nepal. We see smaller storm events across the Pacific and Caribbean each year. Register here Read full blog post »


Promoting Health and Security Awareness for Women

Rule 1

We see the headlines with some regularity of female travelers being assaulted or worse. Many parts of the world are more accessible than ever, and travelers want to get out there not only to do business in new and emerging markets, but to explore as well. Register here Read full blog post »