Identifying Gaps and Opportunities for HR: Keeping Travelers Safe

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When it comes to Duty of Care, organizations have unique risk profiles – like “Who is going and where do their employees go?” – that must be understood in order to make decisions. While the concept of Duty of Care applies broadly to all employers in all industries and sectors, the application is unique to each organization and must be tailored to the company. Read full blog post »


Ebola Outbreak Spreads Across Three Countries: What Do Travelers Need to Know?

As the global workforce continues to expand with travelers, expatriates and businesses pushing further into remote regions, so too does the risk of exposure to previously unheard of infectious diseases. It’s against that backdrop that it’s all the more important for organizations to have plans in place to deal with any medical and security risks. Read full blog post »


Air pollution: Health Threats and Risks


Air pollution is a hot topic at the moment, with Beijing’s terrible smog hitting the news again. The problem is far from being one for the Chinese capital alone, however – many Chinese cities feature in analyses of those worst affected, but numerous others around the world face similar issues, with many in Pakistan, India, Iran and Mongolia being among the worst. Read full blog post »


Avoiding Tripwires in Evacuations


It’s somewhat inevitable that today’s corporate travel managers will eventually face some type of medical or security crisis or evacuation with one of their international business travelers. Does your company have a robust plan in place to manage an evacuation or other crisis? And what can be done to prevent those events from happening in the first place? Register today Read full blog post »


Pandemic Plans and the Flu: By the Letters and Numbers

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Many organizations are moving their pandemic plans into “All Hazard Health Plans” that include seasonal and pandemic influenza, MERS CoV, common infectious diseases, malaria, chemical, biological, radiology and nuclear threats as well as environmental issues such as air pollution. These plans should be standardized globally, but adjustable locally to meet the local health impact and severity. With media attention growing with new outbreaks in Asia, many companies are taking another look at their plans.
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Travel Projected to Increase in 2014, Areas of Concern Identified

According to attendees of a recent webinar – which included travel and security directors and other decision-makers – travel this year is expected to increase. That’s really no surprise, as companies continue to explore the emerging markets in Asia and South America and Africa. Read full blog post »


Political Risk on the Rise: The Peril of Emerging Markets

Control Risks authoritative annual report on the global business, political and security environment, RiskMap 2014, maps the trends that our multinational clients need to track as the new year unfolds. As always, we provide a top level analysis augmented with detailed regional, sectoral and country-by-country ratings, as well as a look at piracy, kidnap & ransom and terrorism risks. Register here Read full blog post »